Ring Spanners – Cold Stamped Anti Slip

  • Made from Chrome Vanadium Steel ‘31 CRV3’
  • Anti Slip panel, firm grip even with oily hands
  • Double layer chrome plated / satin finish
  • Hardened and Tempered
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Confirms to DIN 838


What is CrV (chrome vanadium) steel ?

Contrary to unalloyed steels Chrome Vanadium steel which is used for most high-quality tools contains several alloy components (Chrome and Vanadium). Through this the features of the steel are improved and the high temperature strength is increased: Vanadium provides for an increased toughness at a more fine structure. Chrome increases corrosion protection and harden ability. Thus Chrome Vanadium steel can be hardened far more evenly. Additionally Chrome Vanadium steel contains spring elements so that breakage or cracks only rarely occur.